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Joelle Drew Holland Lindstrom

Jada Eve StompelJoelle Drew Holland was the daughter of Drake Spencer Holland and Lucy Danielle Hanby. Her paternal grandparents were Russell Broderick Holland and Jaiden Ruby Thayer.

She was the niece of her father's sister and her husband, Brenna Emily Holland and Samuel Cole Stompel.

She had three cousins, Jada Eve Stompel, Portia Lucille Stompel, and Nora Belle Elisabeth Stompel, through her Aunt Brenna and Uncle Samuel Stompel.

Joelle married Marcel Raymond Lindstrom and was the mother of Aurora Ivy Lindstrom and twins, Marcella August Lindstrom and Meredith Grace Lindstrom.

She was the grandmother of twins, Bernadette Mae Couderc and Bernard Mack Couderc, by her daughter, Aurora, and son-in-law, Bill Emerson Couderc.


Joelle was raised at 6007 Juliet Drive in the town of Legacy Acres with her parents. As an adult she resided, with her husband and daughters, at 35 King Street in the town of Scion City.

She graduated from public school with a 4.0 GPA and attended Kin Tech on the SimCity Scholar's Grant, Tsang Footwork Award, and Young Entrepreneurs Grant obtaining a degree in the field of Economics. She acquired a job in the music field and held a job as a Battle of the Bands Judge.


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