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michelle Courtney reeves Holland

Elizabeth Abigail Collen LillardMichelle Courtney Reeves's parents are unknown.

She was the wife of Claude Raleigh Holland, and the mother of Russell Broderick Holland.

Her father-in-law was Edmond Gene Holland and her mother-in-law was Melinda Ruth Goodkind.

She was the grandmother of Drake Spencer Holland and Brenna Emily Holland, by her son, Russell, and daughter-in-law, Jaiden Ruby Thayer.

She was the great-grandfmother of Joelle Drew Holland through her grandson, Drake, and his wife, Lucy Danielle Hanby.

She was the great-grandmother of Jada Eve Stompel, Portia Lucille Stompel, and Nora Belle Elisabeth Stompel, through her granddaughter, Brenna, and her husband, Samuel Cole Stompel.

Michelle is the matriarch of one child, two grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

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